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Question asked by steve schuler on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Just a thought on categorization and browsing ease of use on the TBC forum. It seems like some of the most valuable information can be a little sporadically placed or hard to find at times. The main content I notice are the many helpful videos that Alan and others post. For instance there are many helpful videos contained within blog posts that are classified to a "Content Category" however are not shown as "Videos" in that category. Or a video is in a reply to a question which to not get classified to a "Content Category" at all.


I think the "Content Category" section of the home page is a great utility for the forum, but gives the assumption that there is very little video content on the forum which is not the case. Perhaps answered questions could be a new section of Content Categories or all video uploaded by TBC "Gurus" for lack of a better term, could be classified in a Content Category and given a concise title to make them more readily available?