• Not connecting to satellites

    Hi,    I have had a Trimble Catalyst for almost 1 year now, but have not used it since June 2019.  Previously everything worked fine. I purchased a month subscription to go through mid February 2020 an...
    Timothy Rosen
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  • SPJ Measured Surface Data Date isn't correct

    When you import an spj file and a surface is created, the measured date of the surface is the date the fiel was imported. Not the date that the data was collected on. Is there a way to address this? I know you can man...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • Why does my Tekla account not include model sharing?

    I am trying to share a model made in Tekla Structures on the cloud using Trimble connect, for some reason when I try to start sharing it says I haven't got a license to do so. I have a different email now to what it w...
    Ben Stokoe
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  • Hi, I have received a .tbp file which contains tekla drawings which I want to view. I downloaded trimble connect and imported the .tbp file into the library. However its coming in at 0 bytes and when Itry to view its blank. Can someone please help? Many t

    Hi, I have received a .tbp file which contains tekla drawings which I want to view. I downloaded trimble connect and imported the .tbp file into the library. However its coming in at 0 bytes and when Itry to view its ...
    David Tuohy
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  • viewer for tbp files

    trimble connect say that "no viewer is available" for tbp files, which is the old BimSight files?   does anyone know how to load the BimSight viewer?
    Jeff S
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  • How do oi open a TBP file ?

    How do I open a TBP file ?
    Paul Hegarty
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    Are there any tricks on exporting usable surfaces into sketchup?   Sketch up seem to struggle with large surfaces triangle (existing ground & road surface)   Ideally, around the cut fill earthworks/ pa...
    Gavin Jones
    created by Gavin Jones
  • Feature Request - Plot Color Table

    Would it be possible to add a feature similar to AutoCAD's pen table? Or at least add column to layer manager for "Plot Color" - so when creating plans/exhibits we do not have to change the color of everything? 
    Kenneth Herwig
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  • Any way in Siteworks to have stakeout points in layers?

    This is really eating me up. Is there any way in siteworks to turn point on and off within layers? Or does every point become a stakeout? Some of the bridge models we're working with have many points on top of each ot...
    Adam Bower
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  • Trimble Connect Desktop - updating IFC models

    How do I update/reload IFC models if I have generated a new version of the IFC model? In Tekla BIMsight the program itself detected the new version and it was possible to reload the new IFC model. In Trimble however...
    Hendrik Talvik
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  • Data Table "No Record found"

    IntoTrimble Connect 3D viewer, using the Data Table, one of our colleagues receives the following error message "No record Found", he had access to the data before. The remaining team have access to the data. I...
    Line Cusson
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  • Excel copy and paste

    I am trying to copy and past an excel grid into trimble contracting Estimating. I have formatted the table correctly but will not allow. a message pops up saying 'No excel table on clipboard' Display required column f...
    Ethan C
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  • Downloading Sketchup 2018 Pro TRIAL

    Yesterday I tried to download Sketchup 2018 Pro Trial and was unsuccessful. It would not allow me to get past profile information. Specifically am referring to when you are asked use whether, professional, personal or...
    last modified by REJEAN
  • Support Bulletin Penmap for Windows - Multi-iFeature.pdf

    The new “Multi iFeature” function in Penmap for Windows allows you to capture multiple features with a single measurement! Record points, lines, attributes in one go. Find a short description in the attac...
    Cornelia Schmitz
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  • Problem with UAV GROUND CONTROL on android 10

    Problem with UAV GROUND CONTROL on android 10, after focusing the point GPS breaks down and it is necessary to wait again.
    Petr Trefný
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  • Trimble Connect Clash Detection Not Work

    For Trimble Connect Web, I tested clash detection but it still processing I didn't get any clash result, see attached screenshot, hope someone can help me to solve this problem.  
    Andy Zhu
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  • TBC 5.30 - Invalid visualisation of CF Map for Projected Surfaces

    Hello,   I have run into some dramas with CF Maps for Projected Surfaces. I have seen that exercise as tutorial. I have also managed to do do it myself on the previous version of TBC (5.21).   CF Map crea...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • TBC 5.30 - issues

    1. Ok, as posted before when working with version 5.20, I experience a simular problem: In v5.20 suddenly the Plane manager-dialog wouldn't open. Not through the icon in the ribbon, not via selecting "new layer" in ...
    Nico Louagie
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  • New Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Release Summary

    User guide for the new 3D Viewer Benefits Main Features What we are working on next Useful Tips Internet Explorer browser support Legacy 3D viewer availability will be discontinued in the end of ...
    Jari Juntunen
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  • Creating IFC Slices and Exporting to CAD

    Using Planes and an alignment it is quite easy to make slices at intervals through an IFC model and view them in the Cutting Plane View. See attached image. Does anybody know of a way to export slices through an IFC t...
    Richard Selby
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