• So many issues with Penmap!

    Using the TDC 600 with Penmap and R2.  Seems there is many issues I am having with the usability of penmap. I am struggling to select a captured node for editing when zoomed in or out, even anytime really. Seems ...
    created by JASON LOGAN
  • Alignment/Create Labels

    Most of my models contain several alignments, sometimes 30 or more, and personally I don't like having the screen clutter of all alignment labels on one layer or on the same layer as the alignment so I create a layer ...
    Scott Threet
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  • What happened to the old eCognition forums?

    I haven't tried visiting the eCognition support community for about a year.  In the past it had it's own forum,  there was a ton of content, you could share and download rule sets, etc.    Now thi...
    Nicholas Klein-Baer
    last modified by Nicholas Klein-Baer
  • Arc/Polyline Curve Direction flipping on export to Siteworks

    I am seeing two instances of strange curve behavior. Please see the below images. Black background are snips from TBC. White background are snips from Siteworks Emulator.   Instance 1   When I check the ...
    Samuel Egelhoff
    created by Samuel Egelhoff
  • IBSS not selectable in Siteworks/SCS900 anymore, but no problems with machines

    Hi, I've run this through our local SITECH support already but they haven't found an explanation yet. Maybe one of you guys has come across that issue.   We've got several Trimble Panasonic Toughpads running t...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Tip #125: Create a 3D PDF

    Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to save a 3D model as a PDF for data sharing or presentation purposes? Well, today I will be demonstrating the Create 3D PDF command. The Create 3D PDF command saves yo...
    Erin Johnson
    last modified by Erin Johnson
  • Downgrade TA version

    Can we downgrade form TA 2020.10 to TA 2019.11 using TIM. Is there any precautions we have to take for doing so?
    Juan Serpas
    created by Juan Serpas
  • Random Plan View Error

    Does anyone else experience this problem? I have been experiencing it for a couple of years now on multiple different computers. It happens randomly as I select a line. All of the line weights go to the maximum and th...
    Rich Joslin
    last modified by Rich Joslin
  • Drafting issue - Scale bar

    Hello everybody.   The last couple of days I've been doing some drafting and plotting and it seems like the scale bar text is acting up. Not a big thing but come on this doesn't look and feel professional sendin...
    Joseph Torres
    last modified by Joseph Torres
  • Tilt Error in JXL File

    We have a project where we have tilt error limits we have to adhere to.  We set our limit in Access.  When we look at the jxl file it shows no excess tilt Warning or Excess tilt at Storage but in the Ve...
    Ross Chaloupka
    created by Ross Chaloupka
  • WM 5 - Support an Earthworks Project Team Remotely

    David Kosakowski
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  • Why Labels fonction is not working ?

    Hello,   Actually we met a problem with Labels fonction on a project and our partners can't find any location we mentionned with labels fonction. We'll need a solution to this problem as soon as possible.  ...
    Arthur Charier
    last modified by Arthur Charier
  • Single Sign On wish

    For security reasons, we as a company are critical about how our company data is made available or access is granted. At the moment, we have noticed that with Trimble Connect ID, we cannot establish links with our use...
    Stefan Kauffeld
    last modified by Stefan Kauffeld
  • Some element not display in Hololens

    Dear Sir/ Madam,   Please help to solve the problem that some elements disappear in Hololens, but those elements are shown in the uploaded ifc model on Trimble Connect 3D Viewer on Web. 
    Shaoxi Chen
    last modified by Shaoxi Chen
  • Settings problem

    welcome . there is a problem with the gfx750 nav 900 antenna with rtk signal that it is not possible to select the tractor profile because it is not in the monitor and so it is very difficult to find the track and ano...
    János Gazsó
    last modified by János Gazsó
  • TOdo

    The object was missing and as an attachment after import DoTo from BFC file, how to export & import with BFC file with object? (which can be seen in Tekla BIMsight)
    Lee Christian
    last modified by Lee Christian
  • TBC Tips

    Here you'll find all TBC Tips linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!): To download a PDF containing all below tips (as of April 1, 2019) click here.   Field Data Adjustment & COGO ...
    Joe Blecha
    last modified by Joe Blecha
  • Trimble Connect Sync Tool Release Notes - Windows

    Trimble Connect Sync for Windows is now available.  We have increased the file upload size limit from 50 GB to 100GB for Business Premium license users and upwards. We have added support to filter files ...
    Darshan Rajaram Kamat
    last modified by Darshan Rajaram Kamat
  • Vehicle mounted DA1 with Catalyst

    We are trying to use Catalyst with the DA1 mounted to the roof of a car and are seeing a fairly regular accuracy reduction over time.  Startup is OK with the precision subscription (approx 3cm) but as we move the...
    Greg Warren
    last modified by Greg Warren
  • Error importing Lidar laz file

    Dropbox - usgs18-70cm_14RMU995660.laz - Simplify your life    Trying to import a laz file into TBC 5.32, but keep getting this error:     It imports into Autodesk Recap just fine and I can expo...
    Thomas Tomsu
    last modified by Thomas Tomsu