• TML - Invert Color

        This simple TML is to invert the color of objects.  It will change the current color property, or the color 'by layer,' to the complementary color.     The primary use cases are cha...
    Nelson Hays
    created by Nelson Hays
  • SCS900 v3 XML file

    Hi All   i am trying to export to SCS900 v3 an xml file generated by Bentley microstation. It’s a centreline string (a number of) and I need to use it to measure offsets to edges. Having tried importing di...
    Tim Lewis
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  • Using Geometry Fitting For Precise Measurements

    Sometimes you just need a quick diameter, distance, or angle on objects. Using tools in Trimble RealWorks that best fit a geometry to the point cloud can be a way to quickly get precise answers.   Start by open...
    Jason Hayes
    last modified by Jason Hayes
  • Rotating a survey to a different bearing

    I have imported a survey into TBC direct from a .job file on a TSC3 controller and am wanting to rotate the survey to a different bearing, is this possible without having access to the "transform survey points" comman...
    Josh McCallum
    last modified by Josh McCallum
  • Is is possible to view Random Forest

    Is it possible to view the training structures produced by machine learning algorithms. Specifically I would like to be able to view the decision tree produced by Random Forest.
    Matt McLean
    last modified by Matt McLean
  • Do you know how to get files back once they have been deleted

    I have accidently deleted a file do you know if i can get it back
    last modified by Walid
  • TBC Tip of the Week #5 - Process Panorama

    Don't know what to do with all that imagery?  Did you know that TBC can create panoramic images from Trimble VISION instruments such as the SX10, S7, S9, and VX total stations?  Perfect addition to your...
    Riley Smith
    last modified by Riley Smith
  • TCC or Works Manager?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of working with both of these systems?   Looking for some customer side opinions of both packages (Pros/Cons etc)   I'm currently using TCC to transfer all of my...
    Matthew Pitt
    last modified by Matthew Pitt
  • no viewer supported for jobs

    Since the update, we can no longer view our jobs in a viewer or on a map in trimble connect. Was that feature disabled? We use Trimble Connect to upload and share our projects (job files) from Trimble TRC7 and were a...
    Pascal Pandosy
    last modified by Pascal Pandosy
  • Can I transform point cloud data in TBC v5?

    I'm collecting my point clouds using a SX10 and was wondering how I go about transforming my point clouds in TBC if I have new values for my survey control stations?   On some occasions I have to setup an assume...
    David Elford
    last modified by David Elford
  • TML - Relayer by Feature Code

    This simple TML is to re-layer Point objects based on their Feature Code.  Run this command to move selected Points to new or existing layers with the same name as the Feature Code attribute.     ...
    Nelson Hays
    created by Nelson Hays
  • Hiding Objects

    How do i get multiple parts to hide if they are all the same ? With out clicking a thousand times 
    Kevin Gallagher
    created by Kevin Gallagher
  • surface transparancy is not working

    Recently, while working on a surface, the transparency stopped working.  The surface is stuck at 0 and will not change when I change the transparency amount.  I have tried deleting and recreating the surface...
    Heath Babb
    last modified by Heath Babb
  • TML for creating line strings to tie together points based off point number

    Is there a TML macro that will create a line to tie together points based off of their point number? I'm trying to create breaklines from a simple set of survey shots and this macro would speed things up dramatically.
    Travis Bell
    last modified by Travis Bell
  • How to manipulate the display sequence of CAD elements

    Hello I need to manipulate the display sequence of areas. I have to cover some CAD elements, which are below the subscription stamp. How can I manage it? #display sequence cover areas   kindyl regards Frank
    Frank Poetschke
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  • TBC Power Hour Announcement!

    Join the TBC and SiteVision teams February 26th at 8am MST. as we demonstrate data preparation within TBC and display the data within SiteVision. Register Here to get a look into Augmented Reality as we bring the data...
    Jeffrey Ryan
    created by Jeffrey Ryan
  • I don't seem to have access to dropbox business folders

    On the android Sketchup viewer, I can access the personal folder from my Dropbox Business account, but not the business folders. Can you help?
    Paul Moore
    created by Paul Moore
  • Trimble Connect in Oculus Quest VR?

    According to the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release 1.0.10 - November 12, 2019 release notes, the Oculus Quest is now supported.   How do we get this working? The "Enter VR Mode" button appears in the top ri...
    David Reed
    last modified by David Reed
  • "Your Project is ready" / "you have been invited" mails

    I have created a project template in the Trimble Connect Web viewer   in this template I have added all our users (engineers / detaillers / project supervisors / workshop crew and field crew)     howe...
    Thomas Ligthart
    created by Thomas Ligthart
  • when I try to start a new file in the GeoXH: The Terrasync pops up: You can not open a file until the system time is set correctly. Connect to GPS to set the system time. the Terrasync time reverts to 2000.

    Having trouble starting a new file in Terrasync:   When I open Terrasync, go to data follow the start a new file sequence then up pops a memo stationg:   "You can not open a file until the system time is s...
    Larry Rodgers
    last modified by Larry Rodgers