Webinar: Using Trimble Positions to integrate TerraSync with ArcGIS

Video created by Felicity Boag on Nov 6, 2016

    Companies today are driving for greater efficiencies in their field data collection workflows. Having direct integration with your Esri® GIS instead of dealing with import/export formats is one way to increase data quality and productivity in your organization. Watch this webinar to see how the Trimble TerraSync™ workflow in Trimble Positions™ can streamline your office-field-office data collection workflow to provide complete confidence in the data going into your Esri ArcGIS® environment.


    Topics covered include:

    • An introduction to Trimble Positions
    • The advantages of direct integration with ArcGIS using Trimble Positions
    • The TerraSync workflow – from data dictionary creation through to checking in the collected data to your GIS


    Length: 1 hour; Original air date: October 5, 2016