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Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.13 | Release Notes | Oct 01 2020 

10-01-2020 19:15

Connect for Mobile v2.13  is now available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Focus of this release was aligning the new 3D viewer functionalities to the legacy 3D viewer. New     


1.New 3D Viewer : Mark-ups and Measurements

  • Create, Edit and Delete Mark-ups 
  • Markups can be of different types -  Free-hand, Arrow, Line and Text
  • Add or Edit Measurements 






2. New 3D Viewer : Create & Edit Views

  • Save markups and measurements by creating Views in the new 3D Viewer
  • Share Views by adding assignee 
  • Update and sync View across all clients

3. Status Sharing 

  • Status Sharing is now available from the right panel in the new 3D Viewer.



4. File download UX consistency 

  • File download behavior in the Views tab is made consistent with the behavior in the Data Tab


Known Issues (Shall be fixed in the next phase)

  • Android 6, 7 devices may face issues with Object link creation from Camera . We are working to fix this. New
  • View parity issues exist in the color, transparency, selection states across clients.
  • Models with more than 2500 object links tend to make the model render slower. We are aiming to optimize this in a subsequent release.
  • Parity issues can be found in the visualization of the markups and measurements.
  • Markup and Measurement selection might be tedious
  • Embedded views might get listed in the views list screen.
  • Views that are created from TCM after hiding the model will not be reflected properly in other clients. On launching this view in TCM, the show / hide model won’t be reflected properly. User has to tap “Show all” to view all the models on screen.
  • Size of the measurement values might be bigger in tablet devices.
  • Models with a large number of objects might not be rendered properly while performing Pan/Zoom operations in the model viewer.
  • There might be parity issues with respect to View visualization across clients for features related to Orthographic projection and Global transparency.
  • Slowness is observed while displaying the “Statuses” option in the right dragger of the model viewer screen.
  • There might be delay in reflecting status action in timeline mode 
  • Some mismatch could occur in start and end date of the status actions in Timeline mode 
  • It takes longer time for the progress bar to complete, in case of a long list of projects.
  • Occasionally, an empty thumbnail is displayed for “Todo” attachments.
  • View updated by deselecting/unhiding all the objects is not updated properly.
  • Views are not deleted from the server even after the associated ToDo is deleted. But users will be able to delete views after detaching from ToDo.
  • Download initiates taking more time when we launch in WebGL Viewer [~10 secs]
  • Edit hint text not displayed for Vertical clip-plane
  • Multi selection object views are not displayed as a selection state in the new 3D viewer for specific devices(iPad)




Known Limitations

  • GlobalIDs that are received from assimilation does not match between TCM/TCW/TCD. Due to this links created will not be visible across clients for non-Ifc formats. 
  • Measurement values will be displayed with the accuracy up to 1/10th position in “Millimeter” unit.
  • Offline Logout - User cannot log out in offline mode since the browser cannot be launched without an internet connection.
  • Occasionally, on loading large model files onto the 3D viewer, application crashes (or) gets into not responding state, due to memory constraints
  • File size displayed on the Mobile app may be different from the actual file size uploaded to the Connect server. 
  • UI in tablets is shown in compatible mode.
  • Layer list is inconsistent on creating or showing views shared across platforms.
  • Sometimes empty thumbnails are shown for files where assimilation is not completed.
  • Image attachment from the camera/Gallery occasionally gets rotated 90 degrees after sync.
  • Some performance glitches were seen in a few screens when we opened existing ToDo’s.
  • App may crash occasionally during first launch of projects.
  • For first time launch, if the region is changed , a manual refresh will be needed for the projects list to display.


Trimble Connect for Mobile User Guide

Trimble Connect for Mobile - User Guide 

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