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These are the export settings for LandXML.


LandXML version
Here you set the LandXML version.

Use Classification
Check the box to add classifications to the export. Further definition of the classifications must be done under the Classification-tab.

Project name
Here you set the projectname to be written to the file.

Project state
Here you define if the data to export is either 'Existing' or 'Proposed' geometry.

Project description
Add a project description for the export, if needed.

Export vertical arc as point list
The checkbox will export the vertical curvature as a point list. The distance between the vertical points (PVI) is defined based on the sagitta distance.

Combine surface
The checkbox will force a merge of neighbouring surfaces into one if possible.

The requirement for succeeding with the merge/combining of surfaces is that their geometry are included in the conversion rule, and that they have adjoining surface edges.
It is possible to give the combined surface a name - a default name is already set in the dialog.

Example of use:
  1. Pick two or more surfaces that has adjoining surface-edges, f.ex. all daylight-surfaces of a roadmodel, or two terrain-surfaces.
  2. Check the box for 'Combine Surface' - and give a desired name.
  3. Pick a conversion rule that includes the data you want to export
  4. Complete the export

Depending on the setup in the conversion rule you may end up with both the original input surface, and the combined surface. In cases where surfaceedges does not match the function will create multiple combined surfaces in the file.
If the original input surface is not requested in the LandXML-file, then remove a mapping in the conversion rule related to LandXmlObjectType for the features going out to the file.
Alternatively you can pick the conversion rule "All 3Dsurfaces to LandXML via 'Combine Surface'-tool". It is especially made to be used with this function to avoid sending the original surfaces to the file.

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