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Quadri Connector for OpenRoads Designer 1.3 Release Notes 

05-12-2022 16:37

New & Improved

This Quadri OpenRoads Designer Connector release includes these new features and enhancements:

Simplified Connector Installation

  • Automated Installation - When installing the OpenRoads Designer Connector, any prior versions are automatically removed and replaced. In prior releases, it was necessary to manually remove older versions prior to installation.
  • Automatically Load Connector - While previous versions required users to manually key-in a load command, the Quadri OpenRoads Connector now loads automatically within OpenRoads Designer upon installation.
  • Quadri Ribbon - Quadri Connector commands and functions can now be found within an integrated menu ribbon. This can be found by selecting “Quadri” via the drop-down list.

Quadri Ribbon Functions

  • “Create Task” - You can create a “Connector Task” within Quadri from Bentley OpenRoads Designer. This eliminates the need to create tasks in Quadri before transferring data via OpenRoads Designer.
  • “Select Task” - Select a Quadri task prior to sending/receiving data. This displays a drop-down list of available Connector Tasks within the Quadri model.
  • “Receive from Quadri” - Receive task data from Quadri to OpenRoads Designer.
  • “Settings” - Customize settings prior to sending data to the Quadri model.
  • “Select Objects” - You can select which objects in OpenRoads Designer you would like to send to Quadri.
  • “Send to Quadri” - Send data from OpenRoads Designer to the Quadri model.
  • “Clear Task” - Clear out all data within the selected Quadri Connector Task.

Improved Quadri Data Transfer

  • Progress Bar - Visually displays the progress of the data transfer taking place between OpenRoads Designer and Quadri for Windows. Enables you to cancel the data transfer if needed.
  • Import/Export Summary - Displays items that were transferred and/or failed to be transferred to the Quadri model.
  • Launch Conversion Rule Editor - When selected/enabled within the “Settings” dialogue, upon sending data from OpenRoads Designer to Quadri, the “Conversion Rule Editor” dialogue will launch within Quadri for Windows. This will allow you to modify conversion rules prior to sending data to the model.

Improved Notifications and Warnings

  • Improved Send/Receive performance
  • Identify when a selected task is reserved in Quadri upon “Select” and “Send”
  • Inform the user if there are no Selected Objects to send to Quadri before attempting to gather geometries from the model instead of after.
  • Identify when connection is not established between OpenRoads Designer and Quadri
  • Notification confirms that a task has been created in Quadri
  • Notification if there are no selected objects to send to Quadri before attempting to gather geometries from the model instead of after.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Ensure previously selected objects are loaded automatically when a Quadri task is selected.
  • Persist connector settings when Open Roads has been closed and reopened
  • Receive Arcs in Alignment Profiles from Quadri
  • Receive Design Curves from Quadri
  • Export BREP cells to Quadri
  • Export Mesh elements to Quadri

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