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Release Notes | 12-17-2020 | Connect 3D Viewer 1.0.154 

12-17-2020 14:22

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release is: 1.0.154.


To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.


This version update contains new features:


Assembly selection mode improvements: In short, all areas of the application UI that react to object selections now handle the assembly vs. individual object selections in a unified and consistent manner. The change impacts the following UI controls: the assembly selection mode button in the toolbar, application context menu, properties panel, attachment panel, organizer panel and the content browser data table. Also see the separate detailed description at the end of the release note.

New clip plane feature: when a clip plane is created, it can snap to lines. After snapping, the clip plane follows the geometry of the line when moved. This is convenient for example when working with road models:

New graphics setting: in Settings →  Preferences there is a new slider control that allows the user to choose between different performance settings ranging from maximum rendering performance to maximum visual quality:

New graphics rendering feature: all 3D objects have edge lines rendered around them


New area selection tool feature: To select objects that are completely within the area, draw the area from left to right. To select objects that are completely or partially within the area, draw the area from right to left.


Navisworks NWD & NWC format viewing support BETA (learn more about the feature here)

  • Note that at this stage of the beta period, the NWD & NWC file formats support plain 3D viewing only. The models cannot be used in other workflows, like for example in creating Views, ToDos or Clash checks.



This version update contains improvements and fixes:


  • Rendering performance optimizations
  • Optimized zooming and rotation to be less sensitive in certain situations
  • Improved mouse zooming behavior when in orthogonal model: previously the model point under the mouse cursor moved away from the mouse cursor when zooming
  • Workspace API: Implemented Viewer API methods for getting and setting the assembly selection mode. Also implemented viewer.onSettingsChanged event.
  • Fixed an issue where line selection tolerance was too big making selecting measurements/dimensions more difficult
  • Fixed an issue where switching to orthogonal display mode made the background image disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the application context menu jumped around in iPad / Safari browser when trying to tap "Change visibility" 
  • Fixed an issue in the snapping during arrow / line markup creation: the second point snapping icons were not showing when tapping slightly outside the object




How the assembly selection mode works


Assembly selection mode button in the toolbar: When enabled, the next selection is applied to the highest level assemblies. When disabled, the next selection is applied to individual objects. Note that the selection mode also affects the content browser data table in certain cases.


Application context menu: The count of selected objects does not change when the assembly selection mode in the toolbar changes. Instead, it continues to display the count of current selection representing the amount of assemblies or objects currently selected. 


Properties panel: The count of selected objects matches the count in the application context menu. The panel displays properties of currently selected assemblies and objects.


Attachment panel: The attachments can be linked to an assembly or to an individual object depending on the active selection at the time of linking. When selecting an attachment in the panel, the corresponding assembly or individual object becomes selected in 3D. 


Organizer panel: The linking of objects to organizer groups is based on the active selection which can contain assemblies and individual objects. 


Content browser data table: When in “All objects” mode, the content changes depending on the state of the assembly selection mode toolbar button: When enabled, the table shows only properties of the assemblies. When disabled, the table shows properties of individual objects. When in “Selected objects” mode, the table shows properties of currently selected objects which can be both assemblies and individual objects. 



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