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Release Notes | 09-22-2020 | Connect 3D Viewer 1.0.121 

09-22-2020 09:43

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release is: 1.0.121. This release note also covers release 1.0.120 (September 15). 


To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.



This version update contains fixes and improvements:


  • Improved styling of the tooltip texts
  • Workspace API: Clarified the object properties query API documentation: the original model property name should be used when doing queries in the API because the property name in the UI is formatted for better readability
  • Workspace API: Added event for closing an extension
  • The following changes were introduced in the 1.0.120 release:
    • Workspace API: Added model placement information to ModelSpec for visible models
    • Workspace API: Added a callback for settings change event
    • Workspace API: Extension iframes now have "allow-download" permission
    • Workspace API: Fixed an issue where the extension didn't provide a reset permissions option to non-admin users
    • Fixed an issue where text markup position was wrong after creating & loading a view
    • Fixed an issue where the camera controls toolbar dropdown menu rendered too wide in the Chrome browser 




Information about other Trimble Connect 3D Viewer releases can be found from this document:

 New Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - Release Summary 

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