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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.10.3 | Release Notes | Aug 27, 2020 

08-27-2020 06:02

Windows 7 operating system is not supported anymore


Microsoft has ended technical support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 (link to Microsoft support article). According to Microsoft, Windows 7 PCs may become vulnerable to security risks and they should be updated to Windows 10. Trimble Connect for Windows application does not support Windows 7 anymore.


Fixes and improvements

  • Local folder permissions:
    • The local folder permissions feature was originally released in the Connect for Windows 1.10. At that time there was still a known limitation which has now been fixed: Now the read-only access that is given for the root folder in Connect for Browser user interface, is correctly shown in the  local Connect for Windows explorer. 
  • Solution to a reported performance issue: 
    • Fixed an issue which caused the application to revert to use only software rendering (instead of the hardware graphics card) on devices that don’t support DirectX 11.1 version. The issue made graphics rendering very slow on those devices.
  • Improvements on application startup time
  • Fixed an issue where user was not able to switch to an older model version
  • Fixed an issue where a specific 3D model did not render correctly
  • IFC importer plugin has been updated to fix an issue in importing a certain IFC model
  • Fixed an issue where multiple grid planes were displayed on the same closest-to-zero level
  • Fixed an issue where created dimensions didn’t stay in the correct place after loading a view on some models that were using large coordinates

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