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Trimble Connect Sync 2.51 (Windows) Release Notes

By Abhilash Annadurai posted 10-04-2019 19:01


Release Content:

  • Logging enhancements
  • General bug fixing and housekeeping

You can download the new version- Sync 2.51 (for windows) by visiting ourapplication store (linked).

Logging enhancements:

  • Each log file is capped at a maximum size of 100 MB. In case a day’s logs exceeds this size, a new log file will be added. 
  • Only the last 60 days log will be maintained on the user machine. This will avoid unnecessary accumulation of storage on user’s machine and free-up some disk space.
  • Users can now go to their preferences and customize the level of logging done by the tool. There are 3 levels of logging:
    • Debug: this is the highest level of logging - helps the technical team to easily figure out the root cause of an issue, if you are reporting one.
    • Info: this is an intermediate logging level - logs the information of events happening in the tool.
    • Error: this logs minimum details to understand the error cases encountered by the user


In case you have any queries, please reach out to

Happy Syncing,
Trimble Connect team.