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TBC Tip #211 - The Measure Distance Command

By Cole Schubert EXT posted 08-25-2023 15:53


Hello TBC’ers! Have you ever been working on a point cloud and suddenly wanted to know the distance between two points in your dataset? Good news! TBC can resolve this curiosity with the “Measure Distance” tool. At a moment's notice, an assortment of spatial data can be collected to help the user generate more meaningful insight from their dataset.


  1. First, Click on the “Point Clouds” tab, and then click the “Measure Distance” button (1A) in the “Measure” section (1B).  
  2. This will open up the “Measure Distance” pane (2A). From here, the user can select what type of distance measurement they want (between two points, sequential, or radial) (2B).
  3. Lastly, the user just needs to click on their dataset in the Plan view to place their first and second points to start generating measurements! The measurement will be recorded in the plan view (3A), but significantly more data will be measured and saved in the results and history section of the “Measure Distance” pane (3B).  


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