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Tip #134: TBC Resources PDF Presentation

By Erin Johnson posted 01-08-2021 08:58


Good morning TBC’ers! Are you still eager to learn more about TBC after reading the last tip of the week on TBC’s eLearning platform? Well, today I will show you how to access the TBC Resources PDF Presentation. The TBC Resources PDF Presentation is another informational resource that consolidates the plethora of training materials available for TBC-- this is a great bookmark to add in your web browser. Resources are organized by platform (i.e. links to tutorials and community platforms) and by workflow topics. 


To access the TBC Resources PDF Presentation, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Support Ribbon in your TBC window, and click Geospatial Website under Resources


Or, you can simply follow this link: 

2. With the TBC web page open in your browser, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see a heading that says Product Information. Click the very last link in the Product Information list that says Resources PDF Presentation:

3. The TBC Resources PDF Presentation opens in a new tab. You can explore all of the available training materials and resources by clicking on the underlined links throughout the PDF.


For your convenience, we've also added the TBC Resources PDF Presentation to the home page of the new TBC community here:

The link to the slidedeck is available here: 


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are looking to expand your TBC knowledge!