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Tip #135: Importing a Newer VCE File into an Older TBC Version

By Erin Johnson posted 01-15-2021 15:35


Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever had trouble opening a newer TBC file in an older version of TBC? Well, today I will let you in on a handy shortcut that allows you to do just that.


To open a newer TBC project in an old TBC version, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new project in your older TBC program.
  2. Open File Explorer, and navigate to the file path of your newer TBC project file.
  3. Hold down CTRL + shift on your keyboard, and while continuing to hold these keys down, drag and drop the newer TBC file into your old TBC program.
  4. The new VCE project file should open in your older version of TBC.

It is important to remember that objects, properties, and new commands that have been introduced in TBC v5.40 will not be available in older versions of TBC.


I hope this short but clever tip comes in handy next time you are sharing VCE files!




08-04-2021 01:53

Vcl-files saved in v5.50 will not open using CTRL + shift and drag/drop in older versions of TBC.
Anyone else experience difficulty opening files?

01-27-2021 10:37

Is there no plan or thinking to be able use older in new and option to save as different versions like ACAD?