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Tip #138: A Surveyor's Glossary

By Erin Johnson posted 02-05-2021 11:02


Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever come across a word in TBC you are unfamiliar with? For instance, you may be testing out a new command and are unsure of what one of the user inputs means. Luckily, the TBC Help window has a surveyor’s Glossary containing an alphabetical list of surveying terms used in TBC and their related definitions. The Glossary contains everything from coordinate-related definitions to different file format types.


To access TBC’s Glossary, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Support Ribbon and click on Help under Learning:


The TBC Help window opens:

2. Under the Contents menu on the left hand side of the TBC Help window, click the arrow to the left of the word Glossary to expand TBC’s Glossary (Glossary is the second to last heading in the Contents menu):

3. Now, you can simply click on any term to view its associated definition:


I hope this simple tip expands your surveying lingo!