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Tip #143: TBC Subscription Licensing

By Erin Johnson posted 03-12-2021 08:32


Good morning TBC’ers! TBC now supports a subscription license option along with the hardware and software perpetual license options. Subscriptions offer a more customer-centric approach through assuring the latest TBC updates and releases across your organization, lowering the cost of entry, and allowing more freedom of license management. There are six subscription edition offerings available: four for core survey and construction workflows and two for specialty applications: 

  • Site & Field (core): For data prep, survey processing, surface, alignment, and corridor workflows.
  • Survey & Mapping (core): For complete survey, scanning, and mapping workflows.
  • Construction (core): For complete data prep, survey, takeoff, mass haul, and advanced corridor workflows.
  • Enterprise (core): For all core surveying and vertical surveying and construction workflows mentioned in the above offerings, including aerial survey and tunneling. 
  • Aerial Survey (speciality): For UAV processing and survey deliverables.
  • Mobile Mapping (specialty): For mobile mapping customers focused on MX9 processing and deliverables.

There are also three subscription modules available:

  • ANZ Toolbox: Available worldwide, but driven by local requirements in Australia and New Zealand, this module can be added to any of the core additions. Functionality includes interfacing with 12D and regionally-specific export formats.
  • Japan i-Construction: Available in Japan only, this module can be added to any of the core editions and supports digital construction workflows and local requirements in Japan.
  • Crack Detection: Available in Japan only, this module can be added to any of the core editions and features optical workflows to identify structural and pavement cracks with Nikon’s optical total and image stations.

These offerings can be mixed and matched on an annual basis, require a free Trimble Identity (TID), and can be checked out for detached usage. For more information, see your local Trimble Distribution Partner or visit


Multi-national organizations and single-shop operations alike will benefit from the new online Trimble License Manager ( to assign, create, and modify users by the TID account associated with their email. License administrators can also create customized reports to track usage and assure that their TBC subscription is right for them. Licenses are consolidated online with no scattered dongles and servers around the world.


Note: If you are an Aerial Survey subscription license user who wishes to use UASMaster, you must set the Aerial Subscription as “Active” in TBC’s License Manager before using the licensed features of UASMaster


I hope this tip expands your understanding of the new TBC subscription offerings!