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Tip #145: Work with GIS Data Sources in TBC

By Erin Johnson posted 03-26-2021 11:04


Good morning TBC’ers! Did you know that TBC allows you to quickly connect to a Geographic Information System (GIS) data source and download a GIS schema (feature definitions), use the schema to create a Feature Definition Library (FXL) file that can be used to collect and process feature data, and upload the processed feature data back into the GIS data source using the same schema?

The following is a high-level overview of the GIS workflow in TBC:

1. Use the GIS Connection Manager command to establish a connection to a GIS data source (for example, an ArcGIS Enterprise geodatabase, file geodatabase, or shapefile).

2. Use the Get GIS Schema command to download schema information (feature definitions) from the GIS data source into TBC and use it to create a FXL file.

3. Optionally, make modifications (for example, add line control codes) to the FXL file in the Feature Definition Manager.

Note: Changes to the FXL file that affect the schema may prevent the data gathered and processed with it from being written back to the data source due to schema mismatch.

4. Use the FXL file to collect feature data in the field using Trimble Access.

5. Import the collected feature data into TBC and process it using the same FXL file.

6. Use the Write Feature to GIS command to upload the resulting processed feature data into the GIS data source from which the schema was downloaded.

7. Optionally, use the Read Features from GIS command to download feature data (not schema) from a GIS data source into your TBC project so that the project and the GIS data source are in sync. 

Stay tuned for some more useful tips on GIS connections & commands in TBC!