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Trimble Connect 3D Viewer 1.0.108 - Release Notes - August 13, 2020

By Jari Juntunen posted 08-13-2020 09:10


Trimble Connect 3D Viewer - 1.0.108

August 13, 2020
Trimble Connect 3D Viewer
Version 1.0.108
Includes: 1.0.99 | 1.0.100 | 1.0.103 | 1.0.104 | 1.0.105

What’s New

Today we launched a new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer (v1.0.108 release note), available at This update introduces a new feature: the attachments panel. The attachments panel lists all model attachments and visualizes linked objects. The attachment panel can be accessed from the left side toolbar by clicking the link icon.

Attachments Panel


  • List attachments and linked objects: The attachments panel lists files, ToDos and URLs that are linked to objects of models that are loaded to the viewer. Make sure to load the models to the viewer from the Models panel to see related attachments. Also, the panel lists all objects to which the attachment has been linked to.
  • Visualize linked objects: When an item is selected in the attachment panel, the object(s) to which the attachment is linked to, are automatically selected in the 3D view. Correspondingly, when a model object is selected in the 3D view the linked item is selected in the attachments panel.
  • Filter by visibility: It is possible to show attachments only from visible objects in the panel by changing the filter setting to “Visible objects”. When the filter is active, attachments from hidden objects won’t be listed in the panel.
  • Search by name: It’s possible to search attachments by name by clicking the search icon in the top of the panel.
  • View and remove attachments: The context menu has options to view attachments and remove attachments by removing the link to object(s). View in Connect option opens the Connect viewer that matches the attachment type. View in new window option downloads the attachment and opens it to a new tab in the browser window item
  • Control the amount of attachments to be loaded: In some projects, there may be more attachments in the models than a specific device and browser combination can reasonably load. In this case, it is recommended to adjust the upper limit of how many attachments the 3D Viewer tries to load. The setting can be adjusted in Settings → Preferences → Attachments
  • Loading indicator for attachments: Loading attachments from the server is completed when the loading indicator disappears

Bug Fixes & Improvements

General Improvements

  • The following changes were introduced in the 1.0.105 release:
    • Boolean property values are now always displayed as True/False instead of Yes/No
  • The following changes were introduced in the 1.0.104 release:
    • Size of the first column of the Content Browser data table can now be adjusted
    • Fixed an issue where the correct snapping symbol was not shown on lines the were behind faces/planes
    • Multi-selection of Organizer groups now supports also Mac computers
  • The following changes were introduced in the 1.0.103 release:
    • Workspace API: added support for layers
    • Fixed an issue where creating a view and sharing it at the same time failed
    • Fixed an issue where creating a view failed when the user had grouped objects using the Content Browser table and applied coloring
    • Fixed an issue where model failed to load when orthogonal mode was on
    • Fixed an issue where sorting content browser table on custom properties did not work
  • The following items were introduced in the 1.0.100 release:
    • Fixed an issue with snapping to rebars
  • The following items were introduced in the 1.0.99 release:
    • Workspace API: extended the toggleModel API to support multiple model ids
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a model object selected a measurement and activated the measurement tool in a specific project
    • Fixed an issue where a model didn’t load in a mobile browser
    • Fixed an issue where some objects were missing when using the Oculus Quest browser