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Tip of the Week #23 - Maximize your PC's RAM for Improved Point Cloud Rendering

By Joseph Blecha posted 01-12-2018 12:28


TBC’s PC hardware requirements for working with point clouds suggests 2GB RAM minimum and 32GB RAM or more recommended for working with aerial photogrammetry or point cloud data.  To optimize your rendering capabilities when working with point clouds, change TBC’s Rendering memory cache size option to reflect your workstation’s RAM amount.  By default, TBC defaults to 2GB of RAM when rendering, displaying, and navigating throughout point cloud data.  This Tip of the Week shows you how to change this value.

First, launch TBC and open an existing or start a new project.

Then, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Options command:


In the Options menu, click the Point Clouds text along the left side, under the General tab:

Find the Rendering memory cache size in GB (limited to half of physical RAM size).  TBC can utilize up to half of your system’s RAM for point cloud operations.  So, if your workstation has 32GB of RAM, as suggested, enter 16 into the text box.  Or, if your workstation has 32GB of RAM and you enter 32, TBC will automatically reduce the number to half your workstation’s RAM:

Click OK and your change is retained in all new TBC instances and projects on your workstation.

With an increased amount of RAM dedicated to your point cloud rendering operations in TBC, you’ll notice faster load times and quicker navigation.


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