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Tip of the Week #27 - "Sunny" Level Editing

By Joseph Blecha posted 02-09-2018 12:22


When working with raw level data, such as a *.DAT from the Trimble DiNi, you can use the Level Editor within TBC to manage run, manually key-in run data booked in the field, adjust the elevation data, and more.

One of the useful functions of the Level Editor are the yellow circular notifications displayed to the right of the PointID number:

These “sunny” notifications appear when the same PointID occurs in the same level run multiple times, the same PointID occurs in multiple runs, or a combination of both.  This alert draws your attention so that you can confirm that indeed, there are multiple instances of the same point with your leveling routine.

In this example, the notification is on point 1 not because it is used as the initial backsight and the final foresight in Run 1, but because point 1 is also the initial backsight for Run 2A.  Click on the Run - 2A tab and point 1 is included and flagged there as well.

One more tip, the notification does not appear when the Create checkbox is not selected.  Once you complete your editing and click OK to close the Level Editor, those points with unchecked Create boxes will not be created in the TBC project.  So, no need to notify of duplicate points within the same run or across multiple runs when TBC doesn’t create the points.  Turning or intermediate points, for example, might not be needed in the TBC project.

If you uncheck the Create box for point 1 in Run 2A, the sun “sets” for point 1 in both Run 2A and Run 1, but since it is the same point, point 1 will not be created in Run 1 either.


If you’d like to have individual control of each point 1’s creation, click in the 1 in one of the runs and rename it.  TBC reads now two separate points.  Renamed to 1 to 1a in Run 1 - no more notification:

Check back next week for more terrible puns while learning more about TBC!