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Tip of the Week #36 -  Your new home page...

By Joseph Blecha posted 04-13-2018 11:53


Have you checked out the TBC website lately?

We’ve added a lot of information to our site for both the prospective and current user and it’s all in one place… the TBC website!

For the curious surveyor looking for a survey CAD office software package, watch our two-minute overview video, learn about supported workflows, listen to colleagues describe and demonstrate their experiences, and download the latest version of the software.



To help get you started, download our workflow tutorials, review the feature matrix to learn more about each edition and module, or view or register for a TBC Power Hour, or link to our 193 (and counting!) YouTube channel tutorial, new feature, and update videos.

Check out our playlists of new features, workflows, and Customer Testimonial videos.

Looking for a functionality or workflow in a TBC edition or module?  It's in the Feature Matrix.  


And to connect and engage with us and your peers, find our Community forum page, follow us on Facebook, or bookmark the TBC Tip of the Week page!

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With so much information, bookmark or make it your home page so you can watch for updates and new content!

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