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By Mathias Roehring posted 10-10-2021 20:52


Trimble Catalyst subscriptions have been updated! This Support Note gives an overview of updates to the naming and performance of subscription offerings for the Trimble® Catalyst™ positioning service, effective today

What is Changing?

The following changes have been introduced:

  1. Naming: Updated naming of all Catalyst subscription levels. 
  2. Performance: Improved performance of Catalyst “1 Meter” (now called Catalyst 60).
  3. Purchasing: A new Annual purchase option and new bulk plans for Catalyst On Demand

These changes are being rolled out automatically by Trimble and will appear on the License Manager tool used to manage your licenses, and in the field application(s) you use to access and use Catalyst. You do not need to take any action unless you are changing your license type. 

Why is it changing?

These changes bring benefits, including:

  • Making it easier to understand Catalyst performance levels
  • Better performance for Catalyst 1 Meter/Catalyst 60 users
  • Providing more cost-effective purchase options

Updates to Subscription Level Naming

The table below summarizes the naming changes to the Catalyst subscription tiers. The new naming will appear automatically in all Trimble systems and software that are used with Trimble Catalyst. 

Old naming and precisions

Existing subscriptions will automatically update to the new subscription name and precision level

New  naming and precisions

Catalyst 1 Meter

100 cm

Catalyst 60

60 cm

Catalyst Sub-Meter

30 cm

Catalyst 30

30 cm

Catalyst Decimeter

10 cm

Catalyst 10

10 cm

Catalyst Precision

1 cm

Catalyst 1

1 cm

Updates to Catalyst 1 Meter / Catalyst 60

The ‘best’ precision level for Catalyst 1 Meter / Catalyst 60 has been improved to 60 cm (from 100 cm previously). The improved precision level also applies to existing subscriptions used with the Catalyst DA1 antenna with the Android Catalyst Service app. This change will also be applied automatically to all existing Catalyst 1 Meter/Catalyst 60 subscriptions. You do not need to take any action.

Introducing Annual Subscriptions

Catalyst is available for purchase in On Demand (pay-per-use), Monthly, and now also Annual purchase models.

  • Catalyst On Demand - Available for Catalyst Precision / Catalyst 1 only. Access and use Catalyst “on demand” with a prepaid pool of 1-hour tokens. This subscription mode is ideal for occasional use and teams as On Demand accounts can be shared with an unlimited number of co-workers. Purchase On Demand ‘sessions’ in small (as few as 10 hours) or large packs (10,000 hours or more) for teams with multiple users.
  • Catalyst Monthly - The original Catalyst positioning service model. Ideal for seasonal or project work. Pay for Catalyst in monthly increments.
  • Catalyst Annual - A new payment model allowing you to purchase Catalyst at a lower price per month when committing to a one-time annual payment.

For more information

You can learn more about Trimble Catalyst’s new service levels by reading the help documentation. For additional information, contact your local Trimble Distributor

Note: Catalyst GNSS performance is determined by the Catalyst subscription type in use. GNSS accuracy may be affected by anomalies such as multipath, satellite geometry, atmospheric conditions, and proximity to obstructions such as trees, mountains, buildings and other structures. Accuracy specifications are valid in normal conditions with a clear line of sight to the sky. Accuracy may degrade quickly and significantly under any of the aforementioned anomalous conditions.


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10-16-2021 03:57

Excellent change it is easier for clients to select accuracy subscription