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How to Power the Trimble DA2 GNSS Receiver

By Mathias Roehring posted 03-21-2022 17:59


The Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver does not have an integrated battery. Below we outline the methods to power a DA2. 

Power using a power bank 

The simplest way to power the DA2 is with a power bank. A power bank is a rechargeable battery with a USB connection to charge the battery and to power devices like the DA2. Power banks are available at any electronic store. Trimble offers the Anker 5000 PowerCore. Power banks with a round form factor are preferred as they fit the battery mount provided in the DA2 packout.

The power bank attaches to the pole using the battery mount straps provided in the DA2 packout. The battery is then connected with the DA2 via the short USB cable which comes attached to the DA2 in the packout.

The power bank described in this setup is the External USB Power Pack, Li-Ion, 5000 mAh, Micro-USB cable, PN 128518-00.

External USB Power Pack, Li-Ion, 5000 mAh, Micro-USB cable, PN 128518-00


Power using a data collector or mobile device

Trimble offers a 1.2 m USB cable that attaches to a phone or tablet through a USB-C type connector. Using this, the DA2 is powered by the mobile device and does not require a power bank. The battery of the mobile device is shared with the DA2 (which can reduce the battery life more quickly).

To install the longer 1.2 m USB cable, unscrew and remove the washer plate at the bottom of the DA2 with a Phillips screwdriver. The black rubber mount can be removed with the short cable attached to it and the DA2. Remove the cable from the DA2 and from the black rubber mount. You can squeeze the rubber piece to widen the opening to allow the connector to come free. Feed the connector of the long 1.2 m USB cable through and connect it to the DA2. Attach the screw with the washer plate and re-fasten. Most phones and tablets will have a USB-C connector. 

Watch the tutorial video here.

The cable described in this setup is the DA1/DA2 USB cable - microB to Type-C - 1.2 m, PN 128404-00.

DA1/DA2 USB cable - microB to Type-C - 1.2 m, PN 128404-00



Depending on the model of the power bank used, it may switch to sleep mode when the power bank is connected but the DA2 is not switched on. In this case, you must press the button on the power bank to activate it and then turn on the DA2. 


When connected to a phone or tablet, the USB port is only used for power. There is no data connectivity through the USB port.