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Tip of the Week #49 - Georeferencing Images

By Matt McLean posted 07-24-2018 16:35


Hello TBC'ers! This week we have a short but effective one for you.


It is very beneficial in cadastral workflows, and watch out for it used in the July 25, 2018 Power Hour! How’s that for a hook? You’re stuck reading now for sure!


Picture this, you’re tasked with carrying out a cadastral survey. (crazy!) You’re emailed a PDF copy of the subdivision plan, and you get to work.


First up, entering the boundaries of your parcel into TBC. Fortunately, we have a great tool to both streamline your workflow and maintain confidence your COGO values were entered correctly.


First off, drag the image into your project in TBC. TBC Supports .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif image files.



TBC recognizes the file you have dropped in is an image, and prompts you with the Place Image command pane. This pane serves the purpose of scaling and rotating the image to match the project.

I opted to use the Line with distance and bearing method. As part of this process I entered the distance I read off the plan, selected the beginning and end of that line in the “From pixel” and “To pixel” boxes. I entered the bearing from that line into the “Bearing” box. NOTE: It is important to match the bearing (or azimuth) to the “From” and “To” pixels selected.


Right click on the image under “Imported Files” on the Project Explorer, select properties.


Under Render Settings, the Transparency of the image can be adjusted. I find 40-60% is a good range for most workflows.


On the Home ribbon, under Images you will find Georeference. Using the Georeference command, an image can be matched to survey points collected in the field. This is a great way to visually inspect points to ensure they closely match the paper plan.


The georeferencing is performed by selecting “Add”, picking an image coordinate in the Plan View, then selecting a point or entering a coordinate. A minimum of 2 points is required to georeference.



After georeferencing, visual inspection can be performed to ensure close agreement between a drafted deliverable and the original plan.


Check out the power hour mentioned above for a run through of Single & Double Proportioning routines, Labelling, CreateCOGO and more!


TBC - Field to Finish with Confidence





11-09-2020 11:23

Hi Kristine,

You will need at least the Survey Intermediate Edition to run Geoference Image command. 

Here is a detailed command matrix for your reference: TBC v5.32 Command Matrix_Final.pdf - Google Drive 

Thank you.


11-04-2020 21:11

Hello, could we do georeferencing in TBC even if we do not have license key? Thanks.