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Tip of the Week #61 - Consistent Drafted Deliverables

By Matt McLean posted 11-02-2018 15:50


Hello fellow TBC’ers and happy November, we’ve made it past the spookiest time of the year, Trimble Dimensions is coming up, and now we’re approaching the end of… What year is it? 2018? How did that happen!


Consistency between deliverables —at least to perfectionists like myself— is of the utmost importance, and always a high priority. Without perfection, what are we, animals?


When creating drafting templates, some folks include a rectangle to match the dynaview to, others do whatever looks best. But here’s an idea from the ever teaching and extremely knowledgeable Alan Sharp: Include a bit of text outside the template to ensure the size and insertion point for the dynaview is always within reach and accessible! Brilliant, right?




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