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Tip of the Week #66 - Donut Surfaces (Multiple Surface Boundaries)

By Matt McLean posted 01-30-2019 16:22


Hello and welcome for another—you guessed it!—TBC Tip of the Week! In this weeks segment we delve into the elusive donut surface. This is a surface with areas where a surface isn’t wanted in the final deliverable or volume computation.


Here I have a surface created of a surveyed property containing a house.


In the Surfaces ribbon, navigate to Surfaces > Create > Surface Boundaries.


In the Add/Remove Surface Boundaries command, select the surface you want to apply the outer and inner boundaries to, I have a poorly named New Surface(2).


Hold the Control key, and select each boundary. It is good to note, if there are multiple places within the boundary that you don’t want the surface, you can have multiple interior boundaries. For example dirt piles or a house and shed.


And there you go! Neat hey?


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