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Tip of the Week #68 - Dock the Properties

By Matt McLean posted 02-27-2019 16:19


Good morning, afternoon, evening, and goodnight! Welcome back, here we go again!

For many of us, monitor real estate is a precious resource that we need to make the best use of to optimize productivity, and more importantly, sanity. I find myself keeping the properties pane open all the time when working in v5.0+. The downside, I sacrifice some space for the plan view and running commands. That doesn’t have to be the case! The Properties pane can be docked along with the Project Explorer and View Filter Manager, and cycled through using Ctrl + Tab.

Open the Properties pane by right clicking anywhere (or on something) in Plan View.

Click and drag the title bar of the Properties, and move the cursor to the top of the Project Explorer or Plan View so the box outline is shown as below.

The Project Manager, View Filter Manager, and Properties can be selected using the tabs at the bottom.

The panes can also be cycled using Ctrl + Tab.

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