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Tip of the Week #72 - Selection Box in Commands

By Matt McLean posted 04-11-2019 14:53


Good day and welcome back to another TBC Tip of the Week! Spring is in the air! Or perhaps will be in the air soon for my northern friends, or perhaps fall is in the air for my southern friends!


In large datasets or cluttered projects, (OK, I’m not saying you have cluttered projects, but I occasionally do!) we might want to run a command on all data to which that command can apply. How do we do that with as little input to TBC as possible? Let’s discuss!


TLDR for those in a hurry: Ctrl + A in any selection box in TBC will select all currently displayed data within TBC that is eligible for that command.


Here I have a project I have prepared to send to the field using Trimble Sync Manager, it contains control points, linework, a georeferenced background PDF of the plan, and a design surface. I have already logged into my free Trimble Connect account from File > Options in TBC to use Sync Manager.


I will now open the Send to Sync command found at Home > Data Exchange > Send to Sync.


Now, in the Send to Sync command, we need to select our data. We can do this in a variety of ways, but typically in a new project like this one I want to select everything in the plan view to send it to the field. To do this, simple click on the All box, and press Ctrl + A on the keyboard, just like in your other favourite desktop applications!

Notice the points, lines, and surface have been selected, but not the georeferenced background image.


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