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TBC Tip of the Week #4 - Spreadsheets

By Riley Smith posted 02-24-2017 16:26


Managing all that survey data can be a huge pain without the proper tools.  Trimble Business Center provides a variety of mechanisms for managing, editing, and performing quality checks on your survey data.  One of our crowd favorites are the various spreadsheets.  These spreadsheets can be accessed in the Home tab on the TBC ribbon (See image below).



The Project Settings can be used to show/hide what information is displayed in each of the spreadsheet types (see image below).



There are six spreadsheet types in TBC: Points, Occupation, Optical, Photo Point, Vector and Feature.  How can each one of these be useful to me as a user?  I'll show the Point Spreadsheet this week.


Points Spreadsheet

Useful for viewing point data with associated scale factors, feature codes, and attribution.  Hint: Data from here can be copied/pasted into another document, such as an excel spreadsheet, for further use.  A personal favorite is to view the points with the associated scale factors (Projection, Height Scale, and Combined Scale Factor).




Start utilizing the spreadsheet options in TBC and stay tuned for more on other spreadsheet options in TBC!


Happy Surveying,




TBC Team