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TBC Tip of the Week #5 - Process Panorama

By Riley Smith posted 03-24-2017 17:09


Don't know what to do with all that imagery?  Did you know that TBC can create panoramic images from Trimble VISION instruments such as the SX10, S7, S9, and VX total stations?  Perfect addition to your client requirements! 



The Process Panorama command allows the user to specify which of the stations to process and apply blending and balancing corrections to the images.  This produces clear and crisp panoramic images which can be outputted in several formats: KML/KMZ, HTML, and JPEG.  The TBC team personal favorite is the KML as shown in the third image.  Also, the button to the left of the station name will open a new Station View in TBC to verify position and imagery before generating the panorama file.





Once your panorama file has been generated, in this case a KML, you can view it in the desired platform.  This panorama was imported into Google Earth for a positional and image perspective.



Try out the Process Panoramas command and start being productive with Trimble VISION!


Happy Surveying,



TBC Team




02-13-2020 07:20

Is there a way to exclude specific images from the panorama?

01-22-2020 14:36

I can't get my panoramas to come in to the right place on Google Earth when I export the KMZ. They are somewhere in the atlantic near africa south of the ivory coast instead of north of Atlanta. I started my project in the field on GPS coordinates, and I've had success exporting CAD linework from TBC into AutoCAD on the correct datum. I'm not really familiar with the coordinate system manager in TBC yet. What should I be looking for in my settings?

04-04-2017 00:19




I have entered a bug report and link to data.


Here is the link also

04-03-2017 15:06

Hey Alan,


Sorry to hear that.  Can you provide a project where this occurs and I will look into this ASAP?  






Riley Smith

04-03-2017 14:07

I have been aware of this but TBC  always fails and gives me an error message ..