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Tip of the Week #21 - TBC Tips and Zips: Importing a Zip file

By Riley Smith posted 10-19-2017 20:38


How often do you receive data in a zip file?  Zipping a file folder is very useful for reducing the overall file size making for easier sharing and emailing.  This week’s TBC tip demonstrates importing a zip file containing multiple file types into TBC.



This zip file contains multiple static GNSS files (.t02) and one control point file (.csv).  Drag and drop the zip file into TBC or use the import command to bring the data into TBC.



Any files requiring specialized settings for import have dialog boxes displayed.  In this case, the control file is imported using the Custom Import Format and the static GNSS with Receiver Raw Data Check-In.



All files within the zip file are imported into TBC removing the need to create an unzipped folder and individually importing the files.



Utilize this great tip for time and computer space savings and stay tuned for next week’s TBC tip.

Until next time, have fun using TBC and happy surveying!  Don't forget to #TBC your latest survey projects.



TBC Team