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Tip of the Week #9 - Bearing/Azimuth Angle Controls

By Riley Smith posted 08-23-2017 13:02


Bet you didn’t know about this week’s TBC tip!  You can enter azimuths into any angle control box and automatically change them to the corresponding bearing value.  This is very useful for speeding up key-in of cadastral map data.  The image below shows a typical angle control, in this case, in the CreateCOGO command window.  You can find the angle control in various other commands throughout TBC.



To change an entered azimuth value to bearing simply enter a "1" followed by a space, and then the azimuth value.  See image below for an example of this.



Once the azimuth has been entered and you have moved to the next line the value automatically updates to the corresponding bearing.  In the CreateCOGO command, this also updates the line command box shown below with the same bearing value.




*The correct bearing will always be computed, if you type 1 and then a space for any azimuth entered.

his is another tool in your TBC toolbox for being more efficient and getting the job done faster!


Happy Surveying,




TBC Team

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05-30-2017 09:16

Just in case there are a few out there like me; I found you can do this same thing with a bearing, allowing only the need for the ten key pad. Create COGO has been such a great addition!