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Tip #151: How to Export Linestyles to Civil 3D

By Shane Lyons posted 05-17-2021 06:03


Hey TBC’ers! Have you ever exported a DWG file containing Line Styles in TBC and wished there was a way to maintain the Line's definition in Civil 3D. For instance, you may have a dashed line representing the centerline of the road in TBC and want to maintain that same structure in the exported DWG file. 


TBC is now installed with an Autodesk Linestyle file (.lin) to ensure what is seen in TBC is defined the same in Civil 3D. You can access the .lin file here: C:\ProgramData\Trimble\CADStyles


Follow the steps below to import and utilize the Autodesk Linestyle types: 

  1. Under the Drafting tab, select Line Style Manager within the Drafting Elements features:
  1. Select the "..." button under Source file to browse for the file (Note: This opens to the default file path where the .lin file is installed):
  1. Select “acadlt.lin” and Select Open to import the source file into the Line Style Manager
  1. Select the << Button to move all of the Source file line styles into the Existing line styles cell and select OK to import the line styles into the project:
  1. Now, when creating layers or lines you will have the imported Line Styles to choose from:
  1. Select the newly created line(s) that you want to import into Civil 3D and open the Export pane by selecting the export option under the home tab. 
  1. In the export pane, select the DWG exporter option under the CAD tab and select OK to export the DWG to the user defined path:
  1. Finally, open the DWG to see that the exported lines are defined the same in Civil 3D as they are in TBC:

I hope this tip comes in handy in one of your upcoming Field to Finish Workflows!