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Tip # 152: How to Export to Google Earth with User Defined Display Options

By Shane Lyons posted 05-24-2021 12:40


Tip #152 - How to Export to Google Earth with User Defined Display options


Hey TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to export a file to Google Earth with user defined display options? For example, you may want to include a KMZ/KML file with your final deliverables that only displays the point name and feature code


Follow the steps below to learn how to utilize the GIS shapefile export to create the Google Earth file with the display options of your choosing: 

  • Select the points you want to export to Google Earth and select the export option in the Data Exchange features located under the Home tab. 
  • Within the Export pane, select the Shapefile Exporter located under the GIS tab and choose what settings you want to display in Google Earth. 
  • Select the “...” icon to the File Name to choose the path to save the shapefile under.
  •  Drag and drop the resulting .shp file into Google Earth and select yes to create a style template.
  • Select "Create new template".
  • Under the Name tab, select the drop down next to “Set name field” and change to Name.


  • The file is imported into Google Earth with the user defined display options selected in TBC. 

I hope this tip helps in one of your upcoming or current Trimble Business Center projects!