TMC HEX EC520 body calibration using a patch file if machine cannot rotate 360°

By Simon Lightbody posted 06-06-2022 17:12

There are marine HEX installation cases when the EC520 body calibration cannot be completed because:
  • the barge is unstable
  • the machine cannot rotate the full 360° required.
To overcome this it is possible to circumvent the body calibration routine in the EC520 Tech UI resulting in the calibration values for pitch and roll being set to zeros.
If the calibration values can be derived by measurement they can later be applied to the EC520 driver in TMC.

Use the following process to obtain a 'patch file' which is specific to a machine configuration, EC520 firmware version and EC520 Serial number.

NOTE: This may take some time to process so its advisable to start the process 1-2 weeks prior.

  1. Download the latest HexCal application
  2. Download the latest HexCal application notes.
  3. Follow the process described in the HexCal notes.
  4. Send this patch file along with the requirements 1-4 listed below to referencing the same support case. The patch file will be reviewed and modified if necessary before being signed (allowing it to be applied to the EC520) and returned. 
    1. Create a measure up *.CSV file containing the following points:
      • CT1 and CT2
      • A
      • SEC [This is center of EC520 bracket, remove the EC from the bracket and center an acrylic target on the bracket at the center]
      • Track
      • COR1, COR2, COR3
    2. Machine pitch and roll
    3. EC520 Serial Number and Version, or Machine zsnap
    4. EC520 connector and label direction with photo
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