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Tip #102 : Understanding coordinate quality symbols

By Sudam Fernando posted 03-20-2020 13:50


Welcome to another TBC tip ! Got a pretty short but important one today. Many times we have used TBC, we may have wondered how to distinguish the coordinate quality. The symbols are displayed in the properties of the points but how do we tell which symbol corresponds to which quality ? Well, in today’s tip, we will be showing you exactly that !


Let's look at all the symbols we may see : 



 Control quality : This is for the highest quality of a coordinate


Survey Quality : This is for the coordinate of high quality surveyed data



  Mapping Quality : This is for the coordinate of low/average quality surveyed data



Unknown Quality : This is for the coordinate of unverified/lowest quality data.


Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !


Stay safe everyone !