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Tip #103 :Keeping track of your work using the ‘History Log’

By Sudam Fernando posted 04-10-2020 14:37


Ever come back after the weekend to your TBC project and have trouble recalling what you already computed and which processes you have performed? I hate to admit it, but I definitely do! Well with today’s tip we can see how you can easily keep track of all the functions you performed in a TBC project using a very handy tool called the ‘History Log’.


Let's take the following project as an example: this is a project that I received from a fellow colleague but I'm curious as to what they already worked on, so I can carry forward with my operations. To access the history log, we can navigate to the Survey tab and under ‘Field Data’, we can find the ‘History Log View' command. 




And in the command, if we navigate to the bottom left we can find the log files. These files are saved every time you save your project in reverse chronological order. To access the logs of each session, all we have to do is select the specific transaction and all commands (and sub commands) are shown. 





Accessing the most recent transaction, I can see that my colleague has created a tunnel, created tunnel templates and performed various edits. Expanding some commands can give us a greater understanding of what was created using each command. For example, expanding the ‘Create Tunnel Template’ command shows us where the positions and which templates were created. 





These Log files are stored in your project folder and can be easily shared with others for troubleshooting purposes. 


Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using Trimble Business Center!