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Tip # 80 : Even More Granular Visibility with Selection Sets

By Sudam Fernando posted 07-26-2019 13:27


Have you ever wished for a more granular way to show and hide your data in a TBC view? The View Filter is definitely the right tool to turn to. Add a twist to it when combined with the Selection Sets!


Some of the objects can be individually toggled ON and OFF in the View Filter. That is the case for surfaces, geo-referenced images, scans, or point cloud regions for instance.


Others can be assigned to layers of your choice, which can in turn be turned ON or OFF in the View Filter. This allows you to control the visibility of subsets of your data. That is the case for points and CAD objects for instance.


This addresses the vast majority of our needs. But how to best proceed when your data does not support layers, or cannot be toggled individually? Use selection sets! Selection sets are an underused feature in TBC, and are well supported in the View Filter.


Take a UAV flight mission for instance. How can I hide one half of the images to let me focus on the other?


The View Filter lets me easily show/hide all Photo Stations, all Image Frames, or all Referenced Images, altogether.


All Photo Stations:

All Reference Images:

All Image Frames:

To only see a part of it, save a Selection Set and toggle it ON or OFF in the View Filter…


1) Select the data you want to hide (here a subset of the Photo Stations, Image Frames, and Referenced Images)


2) Open the Selection Explorer


3) Save the selected objects into a new Selection Set


4) Toggle the selection set OFF in the View Filter


5) And VOILA ! The A Selection Set is no longer visible...


Note that you can still toggle the rest of the data as usual in the View Filter.


This example shows how to hide a defined set of objects. Other options in the View Filter allow you to only see the set itself, hiding the rest of the objects. 


Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !