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Tip # 85 : Using ‘measure point’ tool to identify scans

By Sudam Fernando posted 08-30-2019 10:01


Ever export some point cloud data and you notice there is a scan that hasn't been properly registered ? But due to the large amount of data present you are unable to clearly identify which station and scan the point cloud belongs to ? With today’s tip I will show you how to identify scans and stations which each points belong to using the ‘Measure Point’ tool. 


Let's take a look at the project below, as you can see it has multiple scans an area(blue circle) which has not been properly registered. So we want to identify which station and scan these points belong to. 



To identify which station and scans this area belongs to, we must navigate to the quick access bar and select ‘Measure Point’ from ‘Measure’ drop-down pane as shown below 




Once the command pane has opened, we must simply select a point from the cloud and its information such as the position, regions, scan station and scan are displayed ! 



Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !