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Tip #98 : Creating Scan Stations from Total Station scans.

By Sudam Fernando posted 01-24-2020 15:15


The introduction of Trimble’s SX10 made it possible to combine survey data with scan data. With the ability to capture point clouds and imagery using a total station with survey workflow, almost eliminating the need for the registration process back in the office. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made in the field and alter our data from the field. In today's tip we will see how we can convert stations to scan stations for registration purposes. 


We see below a .JXL imported from a survey done from an SX10 but unfortunately due to poor survey practices, the station locations are clearly not properly positioned. 






and if we look at our project explorer we can see that the scans are nested under ‘Stations’, noted by the total station symbol. In TBC, we are unable to perform registration between scans nested under stations. For this reason, we must create scan stations to be able to register our scans together. 




To create scan stations, we must navigate to the ‘Point Clouds’ ribbon and select ‘Create Scan Station’ command. 



We are welcomed to the command, where we can select our total stations that we want to create scan stations from. Along with how we want the name of the newly created scan stations to appear. 

  • ‘Move to Scan station’ option will move the scans and images associated with the original station to the newly created scan station.
  • ‘copy to scan station’ option will copy the scans and images associated with the original station to the new scan station. Hence, choosing this option will cause our project size to increase. 



After all the parameters are chosen we can go ahead select ‘Apply’ 







and in our project explorer, we can see that our scans are now nested under scan stations and we can register our scans with ease.





Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !