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Tip #191 - Integrated Help!

By Vyom Kaushik posted 08-26-2022 15:51

Hey TBC’ers! Following the trend set forth by the Tip #190, we would like to bring forth to your attention even more support materials and training guides. Besides external material(s), Trimble's TBC contains a variety of embedded support functionalities. Integrated 'Help' feature within the support tab allows TBC users to search and access a variety of topics right from within Trimble Business Center and thus ensuring smooth workflows.

​1) Open the 'Help' menu from the 'Support' tab | Alternatively, simply press F1 as keyboard shortcut to access the help menu!

2) Help Menu

The Help menu is designed in a way such that the user can initiate a key-word request from the search bar directly or browse different topics via the Table of Contents to the left.
To demonstrate this further, we will search for a way to import GNSS job files using both mechanisms.

Proceed and Type 'import gnss', Enter! The following results will appear:

Alternatively, you can find this information by navigating the contents tab; GNSS Surveying -> Import GNSS Job Files (.job) 
Performing the above steps will open the desired support materials alongside related topics of interest. 
The following will appear:

You're all set! Maximize your TBC experience and ensure smooth workflows by utilizing learning & support material most aligned with your needs and personal preferences.

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