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Tip #192 - User Profile Manager

By Vyom Kaushik posted 09-15-2022 16:14

Hey TBC’ers! Welcome to another tip. Today we will focus on the User Profile Manager accessible via the Support Tab

User Profile Manager in TBC that provides a single location to backup and store files on the Trimble cloud using your free Trimble Identity (TID) login. The user profile capabilities makes it much easier to back up and restore user option settings, customized ribbon layouts and project templates. As visible from the screen shot above, the user is able to set User Options, Ribbon and Project templates. In order to proceed with the backup, you must first log-into your TrimbleID. On the top right of the User Profile Manager, you can see the Active User confirmation; to validate this step, you can see that I am logged in as myself for this step.  

I will now use customize Ribbon as an example. 
Right click anywhere on the Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon...

From the Customize Ribbon menu, I will now switch off the Monitoring tab. 

Upon re-opening the User Profile manager and navigating to the Ribbon column, I will now be able to Save Current on Trimble Cloud.

Congratulations! You have now successfully saved your first custom Ribbon formatting to Trimble Cloud associated with your TrimbleID.
Steps can be repeated similarly to save current User Options and Project Templates.

Interested in seeing a live demonstration of this procedure? Visit our TBC YouTube channel and watch the latest tutorial!

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