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Tip #193 - Trimble Business Center version 5.80 - Now Available!

By Vyom Kaushik posted 10-22-2022 08:51


On behalf of the TBC Product and Engineering teams, it is my pleasure to announce that TBC v5.80 is available for download today! This update was engineered with our commitment towards connectivity, simplicity and efficiency in mind. You can download v5.80 here - or use TBC's Check for Updates routine within the software.

Alternatively, you can update to the new TBC version 5.80 by clicking the Check for Updates link located above this News frame (or by selecting Support > License > Check for Updates).

This updated version of Trimble Business Center is available to:

  • Perpetual license users whose current warranty expiration date is October 1, 2022 or later. (If your perpetual license warranty expires prior to this date and you proceed with the installation, licensed features will not be available.)
  • Subscription license users whose subscription is currently active.

If necessary, you can contact your local Trimble Distribution Partner to purchase a warranty extension or renew your subscription. In the TBC ribbon, select Support > License Manager to view your warranty or subscription expiration date.

Some exciting features and highlights are listed here:

  • Scanning & Point Cloud Trimble X12 hardware support, shape-based feature extraction, manhole cover feature extraction, and the ability to select faces of multiple objects for 3D scan inspections.
  • Aerial Photogrammetry DJI M300 P1 trajectory post-processing and Wingtra drag + drop import.
  • CAD Select objects by layer group and update SketchUp import + export libraries.
  • Coordinate Systems Middle East country EGM2008 geoids, EPSG ID enhancements for Switzerland, ITRF2020 + successive realizations of WGS84 + IGS & RTX systems, and coordinate system database interoperability improvements.
  • Data Exchange & Prep Tag or rename imported files, Quadri Connector commands tab, RINEX v4.00 support, SX12-SiteWorks support and the ability to create a global vertical design.
  • GIS Support Trimble Access’ rectangular feature code controls.
  • Monitoring Customize display colors for displacement vectors and 1D, 2D, or 3D displacement values supported in reports.
  • Mobile Mapping POSPac MMS licensed features included in TBC Mobile Mapping subscription license option, position fix (PFIX) enhancements, process raw trajectory enhancements, and distance-splitting LAS exporter.
  • Survey + COGO Create COGO collections from existing linework, create nested COGO parcels, custom reference start points, streamlined linework creation, format + edit parcel names, WMS background maps and GVX file exporter (NGS).
  • Tunneling — Volume property added for design + as-built mesh, ability to create CAD cross-section diagrams, specifying arc direction in shapes and adding pipe set outs for designs.

For more information, please review the Release Notes, as well as bulletins and downloads that are available to the public at

TBC Product Team

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