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Tip #196 - Monitoring Enhancements - Customize Displacement Vectors [TBC v5.80]

By Vyom Kaushik posted 01-12-2023 10:55

Hey TBC’ers! Welcome to another tip.

Today we will focus on the Monitoring Enhancements & Updates which can be found as part of the TBC v5.80 updates.
To get started, ensure that your project is created and point cloud data successfully loaded.
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Change Displacement Vector Colours

1) Right Click in the Project Explorer area and Select Project Settings

2) Expand the View Tab and Select the Monitoring menu

3) From here you can customize the vectors to your desired choice of colour

Following your selection, the changes should be reflected on your project Canvas accordingly.

4) After enabling customization via the project settings, your project will be labeled as non-compliant within the project explorer. This is indicated by the RED naming of the title.

This warning can be fixed by syncing the project via the TBC Monitoring tab.

Congratulations! You have successfully synchronized your project and saved the desired visualizations settings for future additions of new data.
Monitor away!

Interested in seeing a live demonstration of this procedure? Visit our TBC YouTube channel and watch the latest tutorial! Available:

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