Tip of the Week #40 - Offsetting a Surface

By Joseph Blecha posted 05-09-2018 23:09


This week’s Tip of the Week is a user (more like Power User) submission.  Thank you to Pete Lichtenberg for this!

I learned a good way of creating a second surface from an original surface, similar to an old TerraModel routine. Select the original surface either in Project Explorer or Plan View. Right click and use "Select Members".


Now use the "Copy" command under "Edit" and tick "Relayer copied objects". Choose an existing layer or create a new layer. In this example I have created a new layer "TO_TOPSOIL_STRIPPED":



After clicking "Apply" the window "Move Objects" appears. Fill in "From:" and "To:" as below. Put in the Delta Elevation e.g. "-0.1", make sure "3D move" is ticked and click the button "Apply".



The windows "Copy Objects" shows up again. Just close it.

The members of the first surface, lowered by 0.1m are copied on to the Layer "TO_TOPSOIL_STRIPPED".

Now, select these newly created objects and create your second surface, which is vertically lowered by 0.1m.

Thanks Pete!

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07-13-2018 22:05

When I attempt to "select members" i get 0 items selected