Tip #113: Right Clicking in the Command Pane

By Erin Johnson posted 06-18-2020 13:27


Good afternoon TBC’ers! Today I will be showing you a handy shortcut to access additional help and guidelines if you are unfamiliar with a certain TBC command. First, we can launch the Command Pane by hitting F12 on our keyboard. With the Command Pane launched, we see a list of “All Commands” that is directly under “Recent Commands”. Right clicking on any command under “All Commands” reveals a Help option. Simply hovering your mouse over the Help option directs you to where a command is located in the TBC ribbon:


Selecting Help by clicking with your mouse will open the Trimble Business Center Help window. The Trimble Business Center Help window can provide a description of the command you selected, prerequisites needed to launch the command, steps to execute the command in TBC, as well as different scenarios you may encounter when utilizing the command and other related topics:


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you open a TBC project!