Tip of the Week #16 - Selection Sets for Time Saving

By Riley Smith posted 06-29-2017 10:08


This week’s tip of the week is inspired from a comment on a previous tip (Thanks @Barney Brotherhood !).  Selection Sets are used to create groups of object(s) allowing for efficient segmentation and selection for future calculations, drafting, and modeling.  The Selection Explorer in TBC enables users to create, modify, and remove Selection Sets.

In this data set, there are several types of data such as post-processed baselines, total station observations, leveling lines, control coordinates, and network-adjusted points.  We will create a group (Selection Set) of all observations going to and from point 1011.

Follow these steps to create a Selection Set:

  1. Select all data going to and from point 1011 by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging to the left across all data surrounding point 1011

  2. Once the data is selected, navigate to the Data tab in the TBC ribbon, select the Selection Set dropdown list, and select Selection Explorer.  The Selection Explorer is used to manage and view Selection Sets in the TBC project.

  3. In the Selection Explorer, use the top toolbar buttons or right click on the selected data list to save the selection as a new set

  4. Name the selection and press OK

  5. Once created, the newly created set is displayed in the Selection Explorer.  TBC automatically creates Selection Sets for any data imported into TBC as well.

  6. To turn Selection Sets on/off, tab to the View Filter Manager and select the second drop down list to choose the desired selection set(s)


Another tip - You can access the Selection Explorer from the right-click menu



Enjoy utilizing the Selection Explorer and Sets to efficiently segment and manage your survey data!

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Happy Surveying,




TBC Team