Tip of the Week #73 - Make Objects Unselectable

By Matt McLean posted 04-19-2019 14:53


Hello fellow TBC'ers, welcome back to another TBC Tip of the Week! In this weeks nugget of usefulness, I'll go over making layers unselectable. 


Do you have data you would like to see but not interact with? I can think of a few recent instances where I have! TBC has an excellent system in place for managing this. Read on for more!


Data visibility in TBC is controlled by layer in the View Filter Manager. It then would only make sense that controlling which data can be selected is also controlled by layer via the View Filter Manager, correct? Correct! The View Filter Manager can be launched from two places in TBC, on the Home Ribbon, at Home > View > View Filter Manager, and on the Quick Access Toolbar as shown below.


Once the View Filter Manager is launched, I have shown here a subdivision plan which I have brought into TBC as a PDF and georeferenced as a background image in the appropriate coordinate system. I have created points and linework for the parcels contained on the plan using the CreateCOGO workflow (see the July 2018 Power Hour titled "The Latest TBC Cadastral Workflows, Re-establishing Corners, Ground Labeling, Survey Plats, + More"  to learn how I did it!).


In the View Filter Manager, along the top we have shortcuts to aid in isolating and narrowing down data. The right-most shortcut is for the Advanced View Filter Settings.


The Advanced View Filter Settings allow you to toggle visibility and selectability of layers in your project. Notice my georeferenced image is toggled to not be selectable.


Un-checking the Selectable box only limits selecting data in the Plan, 3D, and other views. Data can always be selected from the Project Explorer.


This has been the seventy third TBC Tip of the Week!


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05-22-2019 09:32

Nice. I remember this from Terramodel. You could turn the snap off and on for all layers or individually. It was a really useful feature.