Tip of the Week #7 - Auto-advance

By Boris Skopljak posted 04-25-2017 08:33


Finding the point creation and creation of linestring too slow? If you don’t need to change the elevation between two consecutive points then using Auto-Advance button next to the elevation field might help.

If you are in the e.g.  Create Point or Create Linestring command you will notice a tringle (“play”) looking button on the left of the elevation field as shown in the images below.



If you leave the elevation field blank and you press in the “Auto-Advance” button all the objects are going to be created at the elevation of 0 “zero”. If you provide any value in that field and have Auto-Advance activated all the subsequent objects will be created at the specified elevation. With Create Point you can then just continue clicking in the Plan View to pick a new location and hit “Enter”.



With Create Linestring, you can just hit "Enter" on the first dialog box in case you don't care about linestring name and changing the layer on creation. In the window for linestring editing, after checking the Auto-Advance you can just keep selecting the new location in the Plan View in case you want to use constant elevation.

If you want to close the line on the same point as the starting point you can also check the “Auto-close in the top of the Edit Linestring Window.

The great thing is that next time you launch the command the previous settings (Auto-Advance and Auto-Close) will be already highlighted.

We hope this tip helps you shave off a few minutes in your daily work.


Happy Surveying,

TBC Team


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04-25-2017 09:43

This is a very good tip!